(Single and Satisfied)

"The Book"

By Author:  Penny L. Grace

Satisfied with who God created me to be! Just  Me!

​"Loving Unconditionally"

An International Outreach Ministry of Healing and Deliverance.

Reaching Millions Ministries

 Prophetess Penny Grace BIO

President and Founder of Reaching Millions Ministries.

Ordained Licensed Minister:  1995 (Non-Denomination)    Ordained as Pastor:  February 21, 2009              Ordained as an Apostle:  February 2014

Prophetess Grace is a God ordained anointed teacher and preacher of God’s Word.  She has been serving in ministry since 1989.  She has also assisted several Pastors in starting their churches, which are still winning souls back to the LORD to this day.

Prophetess Grace has happily and humbly served in the following positions:  
⦁ Pastor’s Assistant
⦁ Youth Pastor
⦁ Associate Minister 
⦁ Sunday School Teacher 
⦁ Church Administrator 

Prophetess gave her life to the Lord at a very young age and has been working in the Ministry for over 23 years.  She moved to Raleigh, North Carolina in 1996 from New Jersey, where she had lived all of her life. Before moving to North Carolina, Prophetess Grace worked for Kessler Institute for Rehabilitation for 11 years (1985-1995) as Director of Software Training and M.I.S. (Management Information Systems).  

Under the anointing and instructions of God, Prophetess Grace started Grace of God Ministries in 1999 (which God later changed the ministry’s name to Reaching Millions Ministries in 2010).  RMM is an International Outreach Ministry of Healing and Deliverance.  

God called Prophetess Grace to prophesy to Nations and has opened doors to fulfill this including a trip to Israel and Africa.
Prophetess Grace has one son Pastor Eric Neely (Whitsett, NC) who is married to Christina Neely and through this union, a wonderful grandson was born (Eric Jr., also known as “Grandma’s Candy”). 

Prophetess Grace received her Doctrine in Bible Technicality (Theology) from Bowles Bible College, Roselle, New Jersey (1998).  However, Prophetess Grace boldly states that her first and most important teachings came and still comes from the same source Jesus Christ received His, “the Almighty GOD.”  This is the ONE and ONLY source that she depends on teaches by the Holy Spirit.